Concert Reviews

After her debut recital at 17:

“….the audience was privileged to be present at an outstanding musical occasion…a performance of quite astonishing musicianship and maturity from a young lady obviously on the brink of a very successful career……  It was in Prokofiev’s 2nd Sonata that Miss Hsin reached a tremendous peak in her playing, an entirely idiomatic and utterly committed performance of great strength with an amazing wide dynamic range.  This, along with her playing of Chopin’s F minor Ballad, leads me to predict that Hsing-Chwen Hsin will be a name to be reckoned with before very long.”  -- Yorkshire Evening Press

After her performance of Chopin’s Variations on Mozart’s “La ci darem la mano”, Op.2 for piano and orchestra:

“Hsing-Chwen Hsin, a still-youthful-veteran of international stages, possessed all the pianistic tools required by the piece: a clean technique, a multi-hued tonal pallete, and an emotional instinct that could highlight both the Mozartean impulses and the Chopinesque.” -- Santa Babara News-Press

CD Reviews

CD Review/ Editor’s Choice - on her first CD:
“……如果我沒有記錯,是台灣第一位大膽錄製莫札特鋼琴奏鳴曲CD。從第一個音就可以感受辛幸純道地的格式,清而乾脆的觸鍵,搭配淺而素慶的踏板,帶來歐風十足的莫札特。……辛幸純的莫札特是值得嘉許和百分之百信賴的。拉威爾的「鏡」又是另一個驚奇,辛幸純的音色變化相當多樣,力度控制也精確…….尤其是《海上小舟》、《悲哀的鳥》裡得輕音…….層次和立體感都出來了。……我們的新生代鋼琴家能有這麼好的唱片,確實是值得鼓舞和欣慰的事。”--音樂時代雜誌 楊忠衡 / All Music Magazine

CD Review on her two CDs - “From Bach, Mozart to Chopin”:
“Tracing back to Bach and Mozart in order to understand Chopin is a very creative and meaningful approach to study Chopin’s style. This interpretation reaches the true Chopin spirit, and is very different from the conventional attitude on Chopin! It is a healthy Chopin interpretation, heard here most convincingly in Hsing-Chwen Hsin’s recordings. The performances here are marvelous, and the recording quality very fine. This CD set with her booklet on interpretation is an exceptional integration of good writing and beautiful playing, deserving full attention and appreciation from students and experts.” -- Sung-Jen Hsu, conductor and piano professor, Director (1993-96) of Music Department, Taipei National University of the Arts.


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News Clippings

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