“Hsing-Chwen Hsin is a true artist, one who achieves the highest realm in musicality especially in her performances of Mozart.  
-- Fou Ts’ong,
the first and foremost internationally revered pianist from China; frequent jury member at the Queen Elizabeth and Chopin International Piano Competitions
“….Great talent! Very distinguished playing!”
-- Louis Kentner,
legendary pianist; former President of British Liszt Society
“Ms. Hsin is one of these rare musicians whose playing reaches right to one’s heart.  There is a sense of both immediacy and intimacy in her performances.  Yet there is never any loss of power.  She has facility and a warm sound.  In other words, she is quite simply superb!”
-- Gilbert Kalish,
revered pianist and Head of Performance Faculty, SUNY Stony Brook
"Hsing-Chwen Hsin is a very special pianist who speaks intimately and emotionally to the listener.  She expresses the ideal balance between intelligence and passion.  A wonderful artist!"
-- Arthur Greene,
renowned pianist and Piano Professor, University of Michigan at Ann Abor
"Hsing-Chwen is one of those rare artists who combine exquisite artistry with superb technique and interpretive insight. I could not have asked for a more inspiring colleague for these concerts."
-- Cho-Liang Lin,
renowned violinist and professor at Rice University and Juilliard
“Hsing-Chwen is a pianist of the highest order, instrumentally and musically speaking. Her musical integrity is unquestionable and my collaboration with her was a true pleasure.”
-- Gary Hoffman,
renowned cellist
“Hsing-Chwen Hsin showed great promise in our graduate program at UCLA, but even I could not have predicted the combination of both artistry and erudition that marks her remarkable 2-CD plus extensive booklet From Bach to Chopin. The playing is both passionate and sparkling, full of elemental energy and a deep knowledge of styles, both previous and Romantic. She tackles the complex issue of Chopin’s musical aesthetic from both practical and broad intellectual perspectives—the kind of wisdom and insight we generally look for in vain, whether from performers or scholars. Here we get it all wrapped up in one—and with questions that should engage every serious performer for a lifetime.”  
-- Robert Winter,
Distinguished Professor of Music, Presidential Chair in Music and Interactive Arts, UCLA